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How to Close the IT Talent Gap

How to Close the IT Talent Gap

The impending retirement of baby boomers and exponential rates of IT innovation has left expanding talent gaps in business organizations. Riding the wave of latest enterprise technology trends is an ongoing strategic practice and not a one-time investment decision. Leveraging innovation for sustainable profitability is a matter of applying the necessary skill set to maximize the potential of enterprise technologies. The competition for talent capable of delivering the best results with next-generation technologies is fierce, as is the progress among organizations successfully retaining the top IT talent. Progressive organizations need to act fast before they lag behind and end up playing the catch-up game against their competitors. The following industry-proven practices go a long way in closing the IT talent gap:

Perform an IT Skill Analysis

The ability to fill the void comes with accurate identification of talent gaps, the skill set available within the organization and candidate pools. To start with, organizations should first understand how well they are already equipped to maximize the technology potential with in-house talent as well as their actual technology needs. Academic background, work experience, performance, expertise and career aspirations are the parameters that help establish this information.

IT skills analysis begins with pondering over the following areas of concern:

  • The impact of technology innovation on business strategy and goals.
  • The necessary skills required to meet desired business goals.
  • The most impactful talent gap preventing successful technology adoption and the resulting business benefits.
  • The current approach to address this issue and the strategy change required to achieve desired standards of IT talent retained within the organization.

Accurate information on these fronts drives strategic decisions for IT talent hunt and retention that can place organizations on the front row in terms of market competition, and well ahead of the diminishing talent curve overwhelmed by IT skills requirements.

Best Practices to Close the Talent Gap

Establish employee development and leadership engagement programs for the top performers to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to progress on the desired career paths. It takes learning and experience for employees to maximize the potential of their IT skills in delivering best performance tailored to the organization’s unique requirements. Presenting the organization as an effective means of career growth encompasses all best practices to hire and retain top IT talent.

Offer high compensation and incentives. Nothing attracts talent more than short and long-term financial benefits along exponential career growth. Establish a workplace culture designed around the current age of IT talent. The IT industry has evolved in recent decades and isn’t accustomed the strict disciplinary environment seen in other verticals. The workplace culture should encourage collaboration, flexibility and productivity as strategic imperatives of attracting top talent.

Pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiatives to identify the most important skills and where to find them. Collaboration with educators, holding talent hunt programs for STEM college students opens the door to latest skills available in the job market.

Embrace technology solutions and the cyber world to find the top talent. Recruitment analytics is already a big thing in talent acquisition and the HR market segment presents unprecedented technology-driven initiatives to identify, attract, recruit and retain IT talent.

By the end of the day, technology will continue to promise endless value propositions for business organizations and demonstrate new ways to improve profitability. Business organizations will need to keep up with the rapid pace of technology advancements in filling the IT talent gap in a bid to transform the promised value into tangible business benefits.

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