Enterprise Technology - Conscientia Corp
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Enterprise Technology


In order for you to maximize your competitive edge, your technology needs to be properly aligned, integrated, and managed to support your business customers. You know this, and so do we.


Exercising technology as a competitive advantage requires mastery of data, development, integration, cloud, and analytics in an agile manner. We use proven tools and methodologies to help enterprise firms get new technology capabilities to market quickly.


Our services range from architectural assessments to end-to-end design, development and ongoing support in several areas:


Custom Agile Development

Our deep expertise in Agile methodology and custom development in Java, .NET and open source technologies ensures you get to market incredibly fast.


Enterprise Integration and Workflow

Business applications, websites, and mobile apps are rarely stand-alone solutions. Integration and workflow solutions deliver ROI while providing operational efficiency. Don’t settle for anything less!



To reap the benefits of cloud, you need to fundamentally architect and build differently, so that your applications and systems make intelligent use of the cloud. Find out how we are helping other businesses attain this strategic advantage.


Big Data and Analytics

Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Performance Management are key drivers that determine profitability and shareholder value. We can help you bring this strategic advantage inline to better deliver on the promise of analytics.