Digital Solutions - Conscientia Corp
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Digital Solutions


In order for you to maximize your competitive edge, your technology needs to be properly aligned, integrated, and managed to support your business customers. You know this, and so do we.


Exercising technology as a competitive advantage requires mastery of data, development, integration, cloud, and analytics in an agile manner. We use proven tools and methodologies to help enterprise firms get new technology capabilities to market quickly.


Mobile Design & Development

We’re skilled in cross-platform development, making it faster, easier and less expensive to deploy to multiple devices.


Web Content Management

Whether your content is on SharePoint, Django, Drupal, Sitecore, Ektron, Adobe, or other platforms, we’ve got you covered.


User Experience

Your users matter. That’s why we’ll consult with them at every step of the process, from one-on-one interviews, focus groups and surveys to usability testing and ongoing review of analytics data.


Application Development

Streamline your processes, accelerate your time to market and meet the objectives of end users and business stakeholders. From web to mobile, no matter the complexity, we can help.


APIs & Web Services

Capitalize on your existing content in new and interesting ways. Do you need help deciding which APIs you need? Would you like robust, forward-looking Web Services? Consider it done.